How to Present an Amazing Curated Post

  There is no doubt that original content is extremely important and can bring your business very far. However, it may become difficult at times to continually come up with fresh, original content at a great frequency. That is where curated content comes into play. You can present a combination of original and top-quality curated content, which will truly benefit your target audience. The misperception of curated content People generally understand how to create original content. The concept is clear and, providing that they have decent writing skills, they can present content that other people will find valuable and worth reading. However, then there is curated content. The concept of curated content seems to be more difficult for many people to grasp. Curated content should never be mistaken for plagiarized content. That is definitely not the case. You take that content and post it in its entirety, word for word. Of course, you include a line of attribution at the bottom so that all

How to Fight Fake News

  It's all too often that we read, watch and hear about news that shocks us only to later find that it is fake. With social networking news, no matter whether it is real or fake can spread worldwide in a matter of minutes with many not finding out the truth until hours or days later. The Internet has been a great resource to many people , however when it comes to the fast paced sharing society online fake news can be damaging to businesses, people and even their careers but there are ways that it can be reduced and ultimately stopped. Social media has made many people vulnerable to fake news and can cause communication problems. There are however ways for people using social networking sites to complain about information that is found to be incorrect or out-dated. Unfortunately these articles can still be shared even after they have been reported but before they are able to do so they will receive a notification letting them know the validity of the article